How do I request a refund?

Please email the Registration Manager to request a refund for registration. 

How do I become an IEEE Member?

Visit ieee.org/join to become an IEEE Member. After receiving your IEEE Member Number, you may register at the IEEE Member Rate.

Do I have to attend the symposium to present my paper?

Yes, at least one author from each paper must attend the symposium to present the paper in person. Your paper will not be published otherwise.

How do I become an Patron?

See here: http://2018.ieeeghtc.org/pages/exhibitorssponsors

How do I register my exhibit staff?

Contact Brianna Orr at borr@conferencecatalysts.com

Is accommodation included in the registration price?

No. Attendees are responsible for making their own accommodations.

How do I reserve my hotel room?

A reservation link will be available soon.